Animal Husbandry and Caring

LAF maintains holding facilities for mice, rats and rabbits. Individually ventilated cages (IVC), static-microisolators and open-top cages for mice are available. Users may consider the degree of biosecurity, allergen control when choosing the cage type for their animals. Please seek consultation from APCF for the choice of cage types and initiate the request of animal holding space by submitting an LAF Cage Space Application form.

Animal Holding Rooms

All animal rooms are programmed to have the proper light-dark cycles to maintain¬† circadian rhythm in the laboratory animals. “Daylight” intensity and room temperature is controlled according to both the physiological needs of the animals, the comfort and occupational safety of animal handlers.

IVC equipment is closely monitored to ensure the cages are properly ventilated for life supporting and properly pressurized for biosecurity maintenance.


Cages are cleaned periodically, and whenever required, to maintain hygiene conditions for the animals. Clean water and the appropriate feeds for different species are provided for the basic need of the animals. Different environmental enrichment items are also provided to allow the expression of the natural behaviors of the animals.

Animal Caring

All cages are inspected every day to ensure early detection of health issues and the need of topping up water and feeds. Play time is arranged for rabbits to allow social interaction and to allow our animal care and veterinary staff to have a better evaluation on the health condition of the animals.

When unexpected health issues are found, users are notified according. If required, LAF veterinary staff will evaluate the condition and communicate with users for a solution. Treatments and other special caring procedures may be provided upon request.