Compliance Audit

The Department of Health visits HKUST every year for compliance audits for Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance (Cap. 340). 

I. Laboratory Record Auditing

Selected licensees will be required to present the following records to evaluate whether the licensees are performing animal experiments strictly according to the respective Form 2 issued by the Department of Health and according to other requirements in Cap. 340.

  • Your laboratory records on animal experiments, including the followings
    • The procedure(s) being done in each experiment
    • The animals being consumed (with details on specie and quantity used in each experiment), and
    • The anesthetic(s) being used, if applicable
  • A copy of the Form 6 (Report of Experiment) for the last year and the current year
    • The type of experiments, anesthetics and number of animals being consumed must be  in consistent with the information in your laboratory records AND in the Form 7 (Return of Experiment)
    • Please refer to LAF Animal License webpage for the details on the Governmental Form 2, Form 6 and Form 7.
II. Laboratory Visit

The Governmental officers may also make surprise/notified visits to the animal experimental areas and holding areas. The areas include the followings:

    • Potentially used for animal handling and temporary animal holding
    • Please refer to the mandatory LAF training materials LAF Animal User Manual (Section 17) and General Animal Use Training (Part 3) for the recommended practices on animal handling and temporary animal holding outside LAF, and the LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS. 
  • LAF
    • The animal and experimental areas being specified in users licenses.
    • LAF staff are obligated to provide information on users’ animal handling activities in LAF.